Here’s a photo from Northwest Fan Fest of my Great Fairy (Ocarina of Time) cosplay! The outfit was simple enough to construct, but that wig took me forever and was very heavy ;3;

Cosplayer: reinikko (Rachel Nycole)
Photo: missingno photography

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This is the single most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while

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Looks like there’s even more Hyrule Warriors goodness! This time for the Western audience!

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You have wonderful art! Keep it up, love But quit reblogging Zelda things you're making me slowly revile the series



My first (kinda) anon hate. Lovely. 
First of all thanks for the compliment as an artist I appreciate that you like what I draw. I work hard on all of my sketches and final pieces. So thank you again. 
Second of all no I won’t stop reblogging Zelda things. In case you haven’t read it let me just quickly post it here


As in to say expect a lot of legend of zelda and anime content. Occasionally random and Kingdom hearts stuff but that’s aside the point.

I have 2 solutions for you: 1) either blacklist “loz” because I do tag all of my legend of zelda stuff as loz along with it’s respected game title or 2) If this really bothers you I’m sorry to say but please unfollow me.

Legend of zelda plays a huge influence and inspiration for my drawings. I also made this blog to make me happy and I really like the legend of zelda (clearly a lot). It makes me happy and I just love watching the graphics and drawings fellow tumblr folks make. Again if this really bothers you up to the point that you start hating the series then please unfollow me. Because not you or anyone can tell me to stop reblogging legend of zelda stuff c:

For future notice, don’t tell people to not reblog something just because YOU don’t like it. Simply ask them to tag it so you can blacklist it. But if that doesn’t satisfy you then just unfollow. 

Well shit. Whats their damage? You reblog all the LOZ you want! 

it’s water under the bridge at this point in the game. I believe the person unfollowed me which is fine by me. 

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That was really adorable when Aonuma opened the treasure box!!

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