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Puppet Zelda
I tried the Palette Pose Maker and got 81, 5H

Sky Children

Inspired by the free fall in the last episode of Eureka 7 :’D

First time on outset

I finished the original doodle while listening to the first time on outset! It was really inspiring for this piece!!

Edited and finished this sketch 
Most of this was done by memory ;;

Also seen in my da

Skull Kid

I had a sudden urge to draw the little imp

Flute Boy

…mumble mumble… My son
really liked to play the flute,
but he went to look for the
Golden Power and has not
returned… … …
I wonder where he is and what
he is doing now?…
… Zzzzzz Zzzzzz

Inspired by this remix!


28 years of Zelda!

Outset Island -Pogo 
Headphones on please! This is incredible!!


I like her design! She looks really adorable! :D