Flute Boy

…mumble mumble… My son
really liked to play the flute,
but he went to look for the
Golden Power and has not
returned… … …
I wonder where he is and what
he is doing now?…
… Zzzzzz Zzzzzz

Inspired by this remix!


28 years of Zelda!

(Source: fierce-deity-sora)

Outset Island -Pogo 
Headphones on please! This is incredible!!


I like her design! She looks really adorable! :D

Getting ready

I am replaying skyward sword and was inspired to do a quick drawing of the lovely zelda. I used one of the designed outfits in Hyrule Historia for her! I really liked the blue one c: 

i really hate drawing chairs…I can never get it right..

This is so soothing

Stone Tower Temple

Albw Princesses

I bring you a non-spoiler drawing! I’ve been wanting to draw these two but I wanted to limit as much spoilers as possible. I like to believe this is a pretty neutral fanart. 

I was rereading the oracle of seasons manga and Link is such a cute little farm boy. You can find this panel in chapter one of the manga created by Akira Himekawa. I did the coloring! Sorry for the lame coloring but I really like how they drew link in this manga c: