Flute Boy

…mumble mumble… My son
really liked to play the flute,
but he went to look for the
Golden Power and has not
returned… … …
I wonder where he is and what
he is doing now?…
… Zzzzzz Zzzzzz

Inspired by this remix!

Alttp Princess Zelda by me(narutoxhinatafan)

more sketchy drawings! 8D 
I was listening to the a link to the past movement performed by the symphony of the goddesses and I ended up doodling her :3 

here is the song in case you wanted to listen to it!


This Song is From Your Father by ~aquanut

“Please let me hear the sound of the flute one last time…”

Plays: 30 plays


Soundtrack to my youth <3


Dark World: Great Fairy by *Woodland-Mel

Club Nintendo N° 7 de 1993.

“The Legend of Zelda a Link to the past.”


they just cant get my nose right

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