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"Epona! She’s grown quite fond of you, fairy boy!"

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"are you serious?  are you fucking serious?  i can’t believe this.  this is UNreal.  i save this land from the never-ending shroud of twilight, i rescue this monkey - i rescue this monkey like SEVEN times, i go into this creepy-ass giant tree castle and THIS is what i get as thanks.  a fucking…..egghead ninnychicken.  jesus christ.  I’ll bet the Hero of Time never had to put up with this SHIT.”

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"Do not think this ends here…  The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!"

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Trueform Midna, and the last fanart print I am gonna do for a very long time….

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essentially the kind of shit that happens as a result of me and noel cubanazo discussing aus

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