Those who do not know the danger of wielding power, will, before long, be ruled by it. Never forget that…”

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A chibi Midna that I did a few years ago. 

(Pssst…you can totally buy her and other Legend of Zelda chibis from my Etsy shop or my Storenvy!)

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"…Good.  Beth…  I’m sorry.  You know…for shoving you.  Are you mad?"

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Hi guys! 

This is me as Zelda and my friend Vera as Midna from Twilight Princess, This picture is from the day 07/28, the day called Zelda Day here in Brazil, São Paulo. Our shoot was kind of short, but we get some nice pictures!

Photography: Weverton Souza

Check out my fan page :facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kiraotomenoenikki

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Zelda: Link - The Last Guest by Dayu

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"The princess holds the key that can unlock you from your shadow form…"

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